Once upon a time there was a pitoresque puzzle like city, standing at the borders between Occident and Orient. The first official document about Bucharest displays the signature of a famous historical character, Vlad the Impaler, known by the Western nations as Dracula. During its Golden Age, Bucharest was a French oasis surrounded by Germanic and Slavic nations, hence the surname Little Paris.

The communist regime leveled down an extended part of the historical and arhitectural heritage of the city, to make room for Nicolae Ceausescu’s monstrous buildings. Nowdays, Bucharest dares you to discover its unique mix of various arhitectural styles. It is said that you either love or hate Bucharest, therefore let me show you how to fall in love with this amazing city!

My name is Ana Adamoae, and I am a licensed tour guide madly in love with Bucharest. I graduated the Faculty of Tourism, at the University of Bucharest, and last year I received the license to be a national tourist guide. Shortly after, I resigned from my daily job as a journalist to fulfill my dream: to show foreign tourists around Bucharest. Dear travelers, it will be my honour to tell you Bucharest’s beautiful stories!

My guided tours are tailor-made as I love to offer my tourists an unforgettable experience during their stay in my beloved city! All you have to do is drop me a line and I’ll get back to you with that unique tour you dreamt about! Let’s discover Bucharest together!

From Bucharest, with love! 🙂


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