Working as a tourist guide during the last year, I’ve discovered that Bucharestians, including myself, sometimes fail to see the beauty of the city. To some extent, we act as if our city is anything but a place worth visiting, or sometimes even living in.

Diana, from Sri Lanka, now living in Dubai, was excited that Bucharest has old historical buildings
Diana, from Sri Lanka, now living in Dubai, told me she loved the fact that Bucharest has old historical buildings. Here, she was enjoying a visit to the Village Museum

I had the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world, some of them from the expat community, others on business or leisure trips to Bucharest. Each and one of them unveiled me a side of the city I’ve never seen or thought of, since I’ve moved here 11 years ago. They opened my eyes, and helped me better understand Bucharest’s charm, but most of all they gave the reason I’ve needed to start writing about why should we be proud of our city.

Therefore, I decided to share with you some of the Bucharestian experiences of the foreigners I’ve met, with a focus on their view upon the city that we blame sometimes for everything that goes wrong.

These stories will be published in “Bucharest seen by foreigners” section, once or twice a week. The first piece of writing is a short interview with Alexander Peyre, a Swedish diplomat who is living in Bucharest for two years.

From Bucharest, with love! 🙂


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