The city of beautiful unexpected asymmetry

Alexander Peyre, a Swedish diplomat living in Bucharest
Alexander Peyre, a Swedish diplomat living in Bucharest

This spring I read an article about the life of expats, focusing on a Swedish diplomat life’s in Bucharest. Instantly I felt a connection with Alexander Peyre, as we have similar views on the city, and I reached out to him on Facebook. We met personally only a few months later, over a cup of ice coffee in Herastrau Park, and we exchanged lots of ideas about Bucharest’s identity and charm. Read more


A different perspective upon Bucharest. Why we should start loving our city

Working as a tourist guide during the last year, I’ve discovered that Bucharestians, including myself, sometimes fail to see the beauty of the city. To some extent, we act as if our city is anything but a place worth visiting, or sometimes even living in.

Diana, from Sri Lanka, now living in Dubai, was excited that Bucharest has old historical buildings
Diana, from Sri Lanka, now living in Dubai, told me she loved the fact that Bucharest has old historical buildings. Here, she was enjoying a visit to the Village Museum

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Discover off-the-beaten-path Bucharest

If you want to discover my Bucharest, with its amazing stories and off-the-beaten-path architectural jewels, just drop me a line. My tours are tailor-made, so that I can offer you a unique experience, a life-time adventure in a city described as a mix of old and new, of Western and Eastern ways of life.

Let’s enjoy Bucharest! 🙂

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Guided tours to Bucharest
Guided tours to Bucharest / Calea Victoriei

Magic is real! George Enescu International Music Festival

George Enescu Festival

Every two years, Bucharest hosts one of the most famous festivals of classical music in the world, George Enescu Festival, a renowned event which lasts for 22 days. The present edition brings to Bucharest 2,500 musicians from all over the world, who will perform 58 indoor concerts at the Romanian Athenaeum and The Palace Hall.  Read more